My Journey

This page allows for someone new to The Inspiration to take the journey back with me. The following links are in chronological form when I got diagnosed, all the days in between to the new year of 2016.

An Unexpected Turn

In the Depths

Oscar Night Hospital Room Style

Hair Matters

Nothing is Impossible

Silver Linings Playbook

In or out of the hospitals….Friday’s are the best

Highs and Lows

Strength doesn’t come from what you can do.

Day 22

Name Change

A Different St. Paddy’s Day Weekend

1 Pic, 1 Word: HOME

All You Need Is Love & Friendship

What a Wonderful World

Easter Sunday Thanks

Crazy for the Carter Family

Cinco de No Drinco

Happy Days

Good Days Making the Bad Days Harder

Until Next Week

Embrace Today: Yoga Video

Just Keep Going

Resort 7D

Count on It: a letter to myself

All The Little Things

I Get Knocked Down But I Get Up Again

What a Week Can Do


What a Week Can Do: Part Duex

Foggy Days

Milestones: Brain Radiation is Donezo

Storms Don’t Last Forever

Life is Good

Ocean Revival

Live from Dana Farbr

Twists & Turns Continue: Pancreatitis Strikes

Hunger Pains

Can’t Sleep

Back at It

Music Miracles

Pain & Plateaus

Bald Princess

Glorious Life

Back at It Again: Pancreatitis Continues

Three Months Hungry

When Life Hands You Apples, Make Applesauce

I’m Excited for Tomorrow

Thankful on Thanksgiving

Hard Times Good Times

My Year in Review: 2014

The New Normal

Thought Explosion

Best Friday Ever

Time to Fix This Pancreas

10 Reasons Why I Love You

A Slap of Reality

One Year Ago Today

A Golden Birthday

Dancing Yoga

Fleeting Moments: a tribute to Mike’s Mother

Forever Young Yogi Style


Drinking Saga Continues

Bad Hair Dayz: 1 Year Ago Today

Body Thoughts

Strength from Within

Tampa Times & Relay for Life Speech

What’s My Next Move

Making Moves

Live & Keep Learnings

Stay Hopeful Stay Humble

Put Aside the Pride

The Date is Set: March 26, 2016

Batter Up

Grateful for the Now

Like a Duck

Motivational Monday

Coming Off Vacation High

A Little Story for the Heart

Ponytail Bliss

Days of Sunshine & Happiness

Finding the Happiness


Practicing Patience

Cast Your Stone

Saturday Make Yourself Happy Day

Puppy Paradise

The Happiness Struggle is Real

Sweat Smiles

Tip for a Tuesday

Fall Fiesta

Help One, Help Many

Out of the Woods


Post Pup-Life

Not Just Another Day

One Day at a Time

Thankful for So Much

Mix of Emotions

3 am No Sleeps

Own Your Story

Onto 2016






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