Bald Princess

It’s been over 8 months since I lost my hair and since then, I’ve said that I wanted to go out in public without a wig, without a headwrap, without a hat. But I hadn’t done it….I couldn’t get myself to go out in public without covering up. It felt scary and overwhelming; I didn’t want the extra attention or to feel like I’m getting stared at. I’ve taken my hat off a few times in public but never fully left the house without something to cover up!But my hair is actually starting to slowly grow back (wahooo) so today I thought, “today’s my day.” This was something I wanted to do to feel what it’s like to be “different” and to my happiness, I may only have a few weeks left to complete this goal. I’ve always been lucky that I don’t have anything that makes me feel uncomfortable or self conscious in public so I wanted to experience what that feeling feels like. And today I did. I went to Dana Farber wearing nothing and it felt fabulous. I felt free and empowered. I’m bald and a girl and I can’t wait until my hair grows back but until then, I’m going to try to go out in public bald and beautiful! Looks do matter but today taught me that if you feel confident within yourself, it doesn’t matter so much if you get a few extra stares.

Cheers to being different and embracing it!!




7 thoughts on “Bald Princess

  1. Jessie way to go! You are so beautiful inside and out! You sure do rock bald. I never shaved my head so I tried that comb over thing with like two or three strands it was pitiful. I liked my wig in winter kept my head warm, no hat needed.. Hugs beautiful princess!!

  2. You are the most beautiful bald Princess on the face of this earth. Kudos to my very special Granddaughter! Love, Your Gram

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  3. Good for u your a very beautiful young women you write with such inspirational thoughts that come from the heart stay strong! Hugs !

  4. Hi Jess – Trisha Alcala shared your blog link with me. You really do look amazing. Just want you to know that there are a lot of people (both students and faculty) down here in Tampa thinking of you and praying for you.

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