Today is milestone day. Today marks the end of my brain radiation. It was only an 8 day preventative treatment regimen but it’s another thing to check off “the list” which feels incredible.

All-in-all radiation was strange. The process is pretty simple— you go in, get on the table, strap in, get zapped for a few minutes and then it’s done. It doesn’t hurt and it’s quick, so in that regard, it’s pretty great compared to chemo. However, it’s sneaky because it makes you really exhausted which is never any fun. The worst part, BY FAR, was getting fitted for my mask a few weeks ago. Basically, in order to make sure that my head doesn’t move an inch during the treatment (don’t want to zap the wrong areas), you have to have a mask created specifically for your face that you wear each time. It fits tightly around your face and then locks in place so you can’t move. Definitely would not be ideal for the claustrophobic! But with the help of my girl Beyonce, we blared music throughout the room and it made the few minutes go by quick and painless. Nothing a little Yonce can’t make better.

photo 2-9

photo 3-10

photo 4-7

So with one of my best friend by my side, I walked out of the Brigham today with my mask in hand and am happy to say that getting my brain radiated is a thing of the PAST. WOOOOOOOOO CHIL’!


And then we have tomorrow. It will be another long, hard day but at the end of it I get another milestone under my belt. Completion of the CNS (central nervous system) phase.  I will receive more chemotherapy and then one final spinal tap (this is the fourth in a two week period).  But as long as everything goes as planned, this will be my last spinal tap for 18 weeks!!! That’s about as long as I’ve been going through treatment so that my friends, is a very welcome and pleasant change of pace for this young lady!

Milestones are important. They symbolize progression and moving forward. And that’s what I need right now, to keep on keepin’ on. Onward and upward: it’s what it’s all about.

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5 thoughts on “Milestones

  1. Hey Jessica. We haven’t spoken in years but I keep having dreams about you and contacting you in those dreams so I thought maybe I could write you an email. First off a few months ago I was having visions about you, like that I needed to look you up on Twitter so I did and I found your page and looked at your blog I couldn’t believe it you had just found out about cancer I felt so sad it seems so incredibly scary and awful. You after all these years still have the most uplifting, kind positive energy I have ever seen. I keep wondering how you’ve been and how you’re feeling..I just woke up and read your blog foggy and it really struck me feeling disconnected like that I totally know that feeling and its unbelievably frustrating and terrible. I know it sounds weird but im seeing you in my dreams and telling you that things are going to be wonderful. Its so interesting because i haven’t talked to you I believe in maybe 14 years? Maybe we talked briefly after that but I believe thats about the time. People really do connect at young ages and instantly when I had the urge to look you up I knew I had to write to you. I do a lot of meditation and believe in a bunch of crazy stuff like psychics and tarot cards and I feel that you are going to come out of this stronger than ever I can feel it. Your blog is helping people, you may not even know how many people are seeing it. Your positive energy and uplifting spirit are guiding a lot of sad, lonely and lost people and you are so amazing to keep writing everything you feel. I appreciate it, I know other people do to. I wanted to send you a package or handwritten letters but since its been so long I didnt want to seem creepy ha.. i miss knowing you. I knew you would go far in life. You have such a beautiful soul it really shows in knowing you, your pictures, your words how wonderful you are. Whenever you are feeling sad or like it can’t get any worse please remember that there is so much love surrounding you and people thinking of you all the time. I hope you have an amazing day and you keep inspiring me with your courage. Love and light♡

    • Hello, I can’t tell you what this means to me! Obviously I don’t know who this is but it touches me so greatly that you’d reach out with such kind words after so long. I truly believe everything happens for a reason so I find it so interesting that I was in your dreams and it led you to finding my blog. Wow. Anyways, I hope all is well with you and I thank you for sharing this with me. Lots of love!

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