Music Miracles

Early in the summer, Jessie and I bought tickets for the Sam Smith concert that would be at the House of Blue. It’s something I’ve been so looking forward to as the venue is awesome, the artist is incredibly talented and it would be a fun “night out” with one of my best friends (something that doesn’t happen nearly enough anymore). So as the days creeped closer to September 15th and I did little to no improving here on 7D, it became clear making it to this concert was going to be a stretch. However as soon as I mention this to my wonderful team of doctors, nurses (and Mike), an action plan is sprung into place. House of Blues is called so we can get disability seating since I’m constrained to a wheelchair right now, Mikes boss (who’s a frequent goer of the HOB) reaches out directly so Mike can be given a free pass to come in and be able to assist me getting settled, my social worker calls the venue to get an exact time of the setlist so I can maximize my time out, my doctors and nurses do a bunch of extra paperwork to allow me to be “discharged” for a set amount of time, and my dad who stayed in Boston until 1030 at night so that he could drop us off and be right outside the door when we got out to drive me right back to the hospital.

There was so many people that went into making last night possible for me. Something that I arguably will be able to do plenty of times in my life. But last night was different. I had been looking forward to this night with my best friend all summer. So if I hadn’t gotten to go, cancer would’ve taken that away from me. But the amazing people I have surrounding me didn’t let that happen. So many people went into making last night a reality for me and it warms my heart to know they all did it for nothing other than my happiness. That’s pretty incredible. That’s a mini miracle. That shows you that people are good….people are kind, and thoughtful and considerate. I am truly lucky to have been able to witness something like that first hand.

So to everyone who made last night such a special night for me- thank you! It’s just what I needed to keep on pushing forward!!!




6 thoughts on “Music Miracles

  1. I’m so happy you were able to go to the show. Didn’t know you were still in the hospital. You have wonderful doctors,nurses, Mom & Dad and friends. Hope you are home soon. Keep up the good work. Love you, Auntie Mona

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