An Unexpected Turn

A week ago yesterday, on February 21, 2014, my world got turned upside down. Well…as much as I’ll let it. I had been experiencing some weird health issues and finally went to the ER when I found myself in the lactation center at work rolling around on the floor in pain. No fun. I knew something was wrong but not in my wildest dreams did I expect to hear what I did when the ER doctor walked into the room and told me that I most likely had leukemia. After being rushed over to Brigham & Women’s Hospital and a few tests later, I was officially diagnosed with ALL Acute Leukemia. Hence the unexpected turn. 

It’s been over a week since I got the news. It’s been over a week in the hospital and it’s really just the beginning of what will be a very long journey (about two years of chemo is expected). And it’s been a week filled with a lot of emotions; scared, angry, overwhelmed, anxious but above all, a feeling of being truly blessed. Clearly this is not how I thought I would ring in my 25th birthday (yup, rang it in  with my first chemo cocktail!) but this week has also shown me just how lucky I am. I have received the most unbelievable outpouring of love and support, such that I don’t feel deserving. But a kind of love and support that has overwhelmed me and has allowed me to only see this new obstacle in a positive light. How can I not keep smiling when I have an amazing family that loves me unconditionally, a group of friends that have become my family, coworkers that have become incredible friends and cheerleaders, a team of doctors and nurses that are of the best quality in the world, and the most loyal, loving, and supportive boyfriend that a girl could ask for. I truly am a lucky lady. 

I haven’t taken the time to update my little blog in quite some time but with so much more time on my hands, what’s stopping me now? It’ll be a bit of a change of pace than my typical musings about going out, playing with friends and basically galavanting around Boston but it’s my life as of now. And lets face it, I’m Still Young, Still Dumb, and most certainly Still Determined. 






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