Finding the Happiness 

Yesterday, I was in a funk. My body was sore and I had a headache under my eyes that wouldn’t go away. I grumpily stumbled my way downstairs to sit down with my coffee, open my laptop and almost instantaneously get bombarded with instant messages and “high priority” emails. Too many things unexpectedly popping up and I started to slip into a mental abys of stress and negativity. As much as I like to tell myself, “I’ve got this” and that this whole working and getting chemo thing is easy-peasy, sometimes, to be honest, it’s not easy. Sometimes, it’s hard. Really really hard. Sometimes trying to balance working full time and having the effects of treatment weigh me down is, a lot. Yesterday, as I sat at the table ferociously pounding on my keyboard, I began to panic thinking about everything that I needed to get done before heading to the hospital. How much time was I going to lose while I was driving over? Would there be too many distractions at the Dana to get what I needed complete? I just didn’t have time for “this,” today, I thought. “This” being my time at the hospital. “This” being my treatment. “This” being what’s saving my life.

Maybe I do have time for “this.” Maybe everything else is just going to have to take a back seat. 

I say that, as I sit here and think about it, but in the heat of the day, somehow my priorities had left me. That was, until my mom called to tell me that it had been exactly one year since we were together and I was rushed to the ER for pancreatitis. At that moment, after instantaneously beginning to cry, I was slapped in the face with the reminder that, today, as hard as it felt in the moments before, was NOTHING compared to what I went through that day. That day was hard. That day was scary. That day was stressful. That day stuff that really mattered happened. 
The thought of last year and the reality of the day at hand seemed too much to bear all of a sudden. I was sad. I was sad, and there didn’t feel like anything I could do about it.
Days like yesterday remind me that, as much as I try, not everyday gets to be sunshine and rainbows. Not everyday even gets to be a good one. But it’s important to try to find a little piece of happiness, even in the smallest of ways, every single day. So as I pondered on my way home about what would make me happy, I landed on cinnabun rolls and coffee ice cream and boy, was that a great decision. I giggled to myself as I sat on the couch and licked my fingers full of frosting. So was yesterday a fun-filled day? That answer would be no. But it still had a moment that made me smile so I will be grateful.
Here’s to hoping that you all find a little piece of happiness in each of your days. Even if it’s the teeeeeeensy teeeeeensy tiny, find the happiness. 
Lots of love & light,



15 thoughts on “Finding the Happiness 

  1. You have a wonderful way of looking at the world and navigating thru the challenges of life – the overwhelming and mind blowing challenges and the minor ones. You are inspiring to me. I’m proud to know your mom and thru her I am proud to know you too.

  2. Keep it up Jess! Those cinnamon rolls and ice cream looked pretty much amazing! And, as for the high priority emails, get over yourself sender! Like the little exclamation point makes any difference! Everyone has battles, some far greater than others, but it is about finding that moment or moments of peace and reflection and thankfulness for what we do have and not what we don’t or what we need to do – and you have done a great job at that. It’s what I need every now and then to get me through the day. It’s about perspective and that’s what keeps us grounded! Happy Friday and here’s to hoping you and Mike have a wonderful weekend!

    • haha Mike, I LOL’d reading “get over yourself sender” — couldn’t agree more. And I hope you, Kels and Bentleythepup have a fantastic weekend too, it’s supposed to be gorgeous out!

  3. Hang in there Jess!! You have been SO strong through all of this! Do take the time for peace and zen for your soul. You have been through more in two years than most people face in a lifetime. You are ALLOWED to be grumpy, stressed, upset – you are a HUMAN!! Love you Jess!!

  4. As usual, words of wisdom coming forth with gut honesty. I don’t always admit to the hard days, and l am better off when I do. Along with finding that speck of joy that can truly move mountains.

    Thank you for the GIFT you Give in sharing your story.

  5. Jess, you are so right. Some days seem impossible to face, but the view of realizing we can create even the simplest bit of happiness in a gloomy day puts us back in control. It is amazing how good a brief moment of pleasure changes the complexion of the day. That ability to recognize that is empowering. May your days be sprinkled with many more moments of happiness.

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