The day FINALLY came!!!!! Tonight, we picked out the most precious, teensiest, tiniest, most beautiful little girl puppy in the whole world. I have dreamed of this day for SO long so it feels like it’s not even real life. She is a frenchie and she is our little princess already. I could barely handle leaving. 

Baby Girl Morans/Stevens comes home November 3rd! EEEEEEEKKKK!!!!!!!!!! 

Sloppy baby puppy kisses,

Jessy (&Mike) 

P.S. Get ready for so many pup pics. It might get crazy. 


5 thoughts on “PUPPY PARADISE 

  1. We are SO EXCITED for your new addition!!!!! Just before we got the news last night I had seen a sign in a gift shop that read ” all you need is love and a dog”. I laughed to myself and thought of you, Jess. Then you text me your news. YAY!!!! Sounds like on November the 3rd you have everything you need. 🐾❤️ Looking forward to your weekly visit pictures and her name. So happy ❤️ Aunt Cathy 😘

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