Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I’m Excited for You Tomorrow


Tomorrow I go to the Dana. I go every Wednesday and I never look forward to it but tomorrow, tomorrow I’m excited. Weird to say that I’m excited to head to the hospital but I’m hoping that tomorrow is the start of a long stretch of pain coming to a close. I meet with my pancreatologist and hopefully get the all-clear to begin eating again. Now I know it won’t be an “eat whatever you want” conversation but even being able to have a fruit smoothie or grilled chicken breast will be such a big deal. Like I’ve said over and over, I’m so hungry. Hungry and beyond crazy with cravings. All I can think about is food…sandwiches, pizza, angel hair pasta, sushi. I’m a ways away from all that but a girl can dream. I also start on steroids tomorrow for five days which make me absolutely insane when it comes to eating. They make me so hungry and able to eat like a growing football player. So tomorrow as I meet with my doctor, I will be putting on my persuasive pants and begging him to allow me to start my journey back to the real world of food. Wish me luck.

Tomorrow also marks the restart of my chemo regimen. I’ve been paused for two months because of the pancreatitis but tomorrow I start it up again. It will feel good to restart as I have been worried to be off my planned track for this long…for obvious reasons. Chemo’s no fun but progress is. The start of this next round of chemo means I’m one step closer to getting my life back, one step closer to being cured. And those things are something to be excited about, really excited about.

7 thoughts on “Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I’m Excited for You Tomorrow

  1. Jessie, Thinking of you! You are so brave, and show so much strength and positivity! But most of all I love your posts because the are the genuine truth of your experience and life. You are in my prayers and you will be back at the top soon. When you get down you get up again, Jessie’s never gonna let cancer get her down…. song adapted! LOL Sure hope you get to eat and praying for good news!! Gentle Hugs P

    • Thanks Pam! Love that song adaption! Im wearing a shirt tomorrow that says “cancer: aint nobody got time for that!” Hopefully my nurses find it as amusing as i do! Xoxox

  2. I hope tomorrow goes great!! You deserve some amazing news for sure! I was in the hospital for a while, having several intestinal surgeries and could not eat for what seemed like forever…..of course ALL I could think about was food, food, and more food! I would make lists of things I wanted to cook as soon as I could eat again!! Commercials are the worst! You don’t realize how many of them are food related until you can’t eat! Wishing you the best tomorrow, I will be thinking good thoughts for you!!!

  3. Pastor Angie is sharing your Post tomorrow at 8:30 A.M.with the Wednesday Morning Prayer Group, they love hearing from you. They pray for you every Wednesday morning. Love, Gram So happy you and Mom got to my favorite MFA today. Love, Your Gram

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