Oscar Night…Hospital Dorm Room Style

After a physically tough weekend, I’m happy to be feeling a bit better tonight and have a night off from the chemo cocktail. Therefore, it’s time to celebrate being fabulous and partaking in all the Oscar craziness.

Cheers to having fun just about anywhere.  

After suiting up in my most fashionable attire, I took a walk down my own red carpet filled with nurses and doctors in their finest scrubs. 



Then, just in time for the “real” red carpet, Mike and I dined on some delish cheese and crackers and some sparkling Ginger Ale. It was divine. After chowing down on some snacks, it was time to pamper myself and do my nails. 



They look good if I do say so myself. 

As it was time for Ellen to take the stage and get this Oscar party started, it was time to put my tiara on and be a 25 year old princess. Nothin quite like wearing a tiara…makes you feel like a real winner. 



The ironic part about my excitement for the Oscars is that I have not seen one of the nominated movies so I really don’t care who or what wins tonight. Except for one very important award that I shall be giving out myself… 

The Oscar for Most Supportive Boyfriend Goes To (drum roll please)……







4 thoughts on “Oscar Night…Hospital Dorm Room Style

  1. YOU leave me speechless!! YOU should host the Oscars someday and introduce the Oscar of Determination! Wishing YOU the Best! Eleni Gougoutas-Argiras

  2. WAY TO GO MIKE!!!!!!! I’ve never met you, but very happy that Jessica has such a wonderful “rock” in her a life.

    Jessica – Please know that Lauren and I are thinking about you and your fight everyday. Stay Strong and Keep that smile on your face.

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