Making Moves

Last Monday I began an 8 week online course that focuses on career growth and exploration; trying to discover what you really want to do, what truly makes you happy. I signed up for this because as I’ve made mention to before, I feel a little lost right now at work. It could be because of what I’m doing, it could be because I don’t have the flexibility or freedom I fantasize about, it could be because I’m still bitter from the demotion, or it could be because I don’t feel like I’m helping anyone or making a difference in the world. Either way, I’m restless and I don’t love the feeling. And although I don’t feel like I can actually make moves anytime soon, I decided I can take baby steps towards finding a career that’s meaningful and makes me happy on a daily basis. That career could be right where I am today (in an upward trajectory of course haha) but I need to clarify that in my mind so I can stop second guessing myself.
I’m only one week into this course but I’m already finding it more challenging than I would’ve expected. Only because there’s a lot of “self reflection” so far and reflecting on yourself (and trying to be unbiased) is REALLY hard. When it asked me to list things that make me the happiest, I answered with things like, riding waves in the ocean, singing out loud in the car, feeling the sunshine on my face, dancing around my living room, cuddling with Mike, going for long walks, doing yoga outside. Although these things are all wonderful, none of them are qualities that can point me in the right direction of a career.  When asked for what people ask for my help on, I literally couldn’t think of one thing. When asked what I’m good at, I had a really hard time thinking of anything. I kept thinking, “well, I’m a people person” but that’s not a sellable quality. You can’t make a career out of being a people person.

So I’ve been feeling a little frustrated, I want so desperately to figure out what I’m supposed to do. I’m impatient, and I want to figure it out NOW. I overthink things and let my thoughts get the best of me. And this is one of the cases where I am overthinking the absolute crap out of everything. Honestly, it’s because I feel this overwhelming weight on my shoulders to make the most out of my life and since work is about 75% of your waking hours, that includes my job. I try to remind myself that I’m only 26, my whole life doesn’t need to be planned right now. But what I’ve also learned in the past year, is that life is short and it’s too short to be unhappy for too long. If you want a change, you have to make that change for yourself. Just like success in a job doesn’t come without effort, happiness doesn’t always come without effort either. You have to work for a promotion, work for a raise, and so forth you have to work for your happiness, you have to make a conscious effort to make changes to your life in order to be your happiest, most satisfied self.

Do you guys ever feel like this? What have you done to best optimize your work life? I’d love to hear from people!!

Now off to start my Week 2 packet…



10 thoughts on “Making Moves

  1. You’re doing the right thing taking that course – it’s proactive! I know the way you feel about your job/career because I have been there myself. Just keep moving forward like you are and you will discover exactly what it is that you’re meant to be doing! I think listening to your intuition is key and you’re doing that. You truly are an inspiration! Best of luck to you!

  2. Jessie-I think most people in their lifetime reflect on their career and what makes them happy. Hey your Dad is one of them. Way back when…LOL in the 80’s-OMG I know disco etc….your Dad as you know worked at a radio station, Now look at him…the office with the corner view. :-0)
    You do have many talents that you may not be aware of right now. Several that I can point out is your genuine spirit and love for everything. You have a wonderful gift of writing and expressing thoughts….So……perhaps….. a career that combines your marketing skills/and your people skills.
    Perhaps working at Dana Farber in the marketing dept or fund raising department…writing grants so more $$$ head to Dana Farber to help its mission. Another thought…have you ever thought about nursing??? I love what I do Jessie, I can honestly say I am lucky. Sure, there were and still are days of frustration, but all jobs have that. I feel have been blessed in my career as a nurse, to see changes, little as they may be…that I have been part of. I have received and hopefully given as much to my patients. I could see you as a nurse. Another thought, a child life specialist.
    Reflect Jessie, and follow your heart…it will lead to where you need to be….
    Love Connie

    • Love all these ideas Connie! And I have thought about being a nurse actually! I love all the people I’ve got to work with at the hospital and always feel like I’d be good at the personal care thing however I just don’t know if I’m cut out for some of the “gross” things to be honest! Thank you so much for the words of encouragement and support!

  3. Jess. if I had to guess your vocation, I’d say writing. These blogs are so well written and I can’t believe that there isn’t a book in you just fighting to come out. As far as courses go, I’ve always been told that you can’t waste money on education, so persevere.

  4. Jess – I think about this all the time, never really acted on it (to any extremes) more so than thinking about how my ideal (professional) life is vastly different than what it currently is. I think leaving the old job and moving companies amplified this to an extent. What amplified it even more was switching roles within my current company to see if that change would have more of a positive impact on my outlook. I’d say it was relatively neutral. However, it’s those changes that help you find out what you really want to do be doing.

    You’re a really smart person and your life experience to date has likely only made you stronger, smarter and more driven – even if it’s a drive to do something different. Your answers to that survey are awesome – and even though they may not be direct outputs of a job – they are certainly by products of doing something you love (or like at least).

    Sure, I think we would all be pretty pumped to just win the lottery and just kill it at the beach, on the golf course or doing yoga everyday but just remember that’s not what you’re asking for. I hear all this crap lately about people wanting something for nothing. It pisses me off because “this generation” doesn’t want something for nothing – at least the motivated portion of it does not. Every generation has people who don’t want to do anything, or work, or whatever.. Every generation also has people who are MOTIVATED. And just because we are not motivated to sit at a desk all day does not mean we are asking for handouts. It means we are trying create progress for the way we achieve our means. Just remember that – it’s what has helped me get through some rough cubicle days lately. As much as I would love to stand up and quit some days I need to remember I have a great job with great benefits that enables me to do the things I like during the (small) amounts of free time that I have. I just know that I will always be motivated. Motivated to have a good life in and outside of work, motivated to think about new opportunities (personally and professionally) and motivated to make a change when I decide it is time. This may sound like a cop out and justification for having a cube monkey job – but it’s not. I’m getting a lot of good things from this job right now and I’m sure you are too (though, granted you probably have better reasons to be bitter than I).

    So just stay motivated. In the last few years I have had a major mindset change that my life is not going to be judged by my professional resume – sure, it’s a piece of it, but there are so many things more important, in my opinion. A lot of this response to your post is just a random stream of consciousness – but if nothing else – take away that it’s blatantly obvious to me (and should be to you) that you are a MOTIVATED person and will find something that makes you happier professionally – even if it’s not today – AND that I think a lot of people feel the same way as you, but it’s a much smaller percentage that will act on it.


    • Awww Mike G!!! This was the best and made me feel so much better. Also I love that you mentioned that your mindset has shifted in the past few years. Me too! Anyways, thank you so much for sharing with me and YOU ROCK TOO MR. I miss you!!!

  5. Hey Jess!
    One of my friends is totally feeling this way at her job, do you mind sharing the name of the course you’re using? I would love to share it with her, thanks! 🙂

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