Back at It

It’s been a rough go at it lately. Really, it has. Although my attempts to limit foods have been the best to my ability, I somehow found myself in an ambulance by myself to the hospital on Friday afternoon due to my pancreatitis coming back.

Painful and Scary. No bueno.

So I’m back in the Brigham, not getting to eat or drink, on rotating pain meds, and just overall itching to get out of here. Luckily, I’m not getting pumped with nearly as much fluids this time so I haven’t gained the 40+ pounds I did round 1. I do, however, have some pretty amazing news. My doctors have finally approved Mike and I being able to get a dog so there’s something for us to be very excited about and something to very much look forward to! So while Mike’s at work, I’m over here lookin for someone to call our little baby! If you have any frenchie breeder or rescue suggestions, I’m your girl!!!

Quick post today but just wanted to give an update about what’s going on here on my end! Hope you all had a marvelous weekend!


Scratch that: since writing this blog post I have been given the gift of WATER!!!! Hallelujah! Things are lookin’ up!


7 thoughts on “Back at It

  1. Love and prayers to you. Keep BEING YOU. You have a wonderful attitude and gift for opening up in a very real and honest way…including humor even in difficult circumstances. Way to Go.

  2. Jessy, I have all kinds of rescue contacts (we have a rescue from NC). If you’re interested in chatting friend me on facebook (Laurie Baker Sienko) and we can talk about what you’re looking for (I know you’re a bully fan). If you decide to go with a rescue I would love to help. However, whatever you decide will be the best for you, Mike and your new little love! When I was going through my battle, my puppies (and kitty) never left my side. They were certainly a very large part of my amazing support team. This is SO exciting!

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