Onto 2016

2015 was far better than 2014. For many reasons, but most importantly this year brought me much improved health than the year prior. That improved health allowed for other blessings throughout the year and I’m grateful for the improvements so I wanted to write down some things down that were absolutely awesome about this year. 

1. Spent about 95 days less overnight at the Brigham 

2. Had hair. ALL year. Plus a pony tail at the end.

3. Had way less spinal taps and bone marrow biopsies 

4. Puked a hell of a lot less 

5. Did a thing I like to call “be a working woman”

6. Switched jobs and ditched the long commute 

7. Ran a 5k 

8. Went on vacations with people I love

9. Learned how amazing stand-up paddle boarding is

10. Became a God mother to the sassiest, most beautiful, most hilarious little girl

11. Made a speech about my journey to about 1,000 students at my alma mater 

12. Stood beside an amazing friend as she got married 

13. Saw my girl T-Swift with all three of my besties and a bunch of other ladies I love!

14. Bettered my yoga practice & began learning about different philosophies & teachings 

15. Last but certainly not least, became a pup mother


I have mixed emotions going into this night, however. I got the pic below in my TimeHop and I got thrown into a surreal feeling of looking at my happy ass before my life got flipped upside down. Mike and I had such a fun night 2 years ago. We went to an incredible dinner in the North End, drank red wine & champagne then hopped over to the best little hookah bar where we sat and sipped martinis until about 11:50. Paid our check and ran over to the water to watch the fireworks go off in the absolute FREEZING cold! It was a glorious night and I remember it so vividly and relish in those memories when I think about my “life before.” 

Thinking of that “before” makes me a little sad honestly cuz I’d love to live that night over again. But that’s not how life mworks, you don’t get to go back in time. You only have today and that’s what today’s still pretty good too. It’s different than two years ago… I’m already in my pajamas, we have a pup snuggled up with us and there’s a lasagna about to go in the oven that was made by my amazing nurse Andrea who makes her own pasta, sauce and ricotta!!!   

PLUSSS, we just got this picture of these beauties which really just couldn’t have made my heart any warmer. #ILoveBeingAnAuntie 


So net net is tonight’s still pretty nice too. 

I have waited 22 months and 11 days for the clock to strike midnight and my phone to say 2016. I can’t really believe it’s here, I can’t believe we’re about to hit the year that I’ll get to begin to close my cancer chapter. But I’m excited so let the countdown officially begin.

Thank you to all my amazing family, friends, nurses, doctors, coworkers, blog readers, and incredible boyfriend for your continued support and endless love. I am grateful tonight and grateful always. 

All the love & light in the world going into 2016.


2 thoughts on “Onto 2016

  1. Jess
    It has been a while since I last responded to your BLOG…First Happy New Year!! Second your puppy is ADORABLE!!! Holly and Allie both have puppies and get unconditional love from them. I am sure your little princess gives that to you and Mike..
    Now…this is YOUR YEAR!! I remember Holly telling me 2 years ago that she saw on FB that you were dx with Leukemia…we reached out to your Mom and Dad…saw you at BWH and have been following your progress ever since.
    I am so amazed at you young lady. You are wise beyond your years!!! I cannot even begin to imagine Jess what the last 2 years for you and your family have been like.
    Being a nurse, I help patients/families daily with struggles and challenges that they face. When it hits close to home, it is different.
    You are a different person then you were 2 years ago…You have grown in ways you probably did not think you could/would.
    I am proud of you, and proud to know your family. The strength all of you have had with all the challenges that you have faced, not just with your illness but with others within your extended family is a reflection of all of you.
    I continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers young lady….stay strong. continue to make a difference and mostly….breathe, relax and enjoy what has been given to you….
    This March will be a wonderful Anniversary for all of you….but mostly you… Embrace that day and reflect, and Celebrate YOU!!!
    Love, Connie

    • Oh Connie, you’re so sweet and I’ve always appreciated your supportive and kind words. It has certainly been a hard 2 years but you’re right, I’ve learned things about myself (and life!) that I never would have otherwise. Thank you for all you do as a nurse- I have the utmost respect and gratitude for everything you all do, it is incredible to say the least! Hope you had a nice holiday season and happy 2016 to you, Mark and the girls!!! Lots of love! Xoxo

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