Fall Fiesta

When it’s cold outside, and we’ve been cooped up inside for days, remind me of days like this…

When I woke up and headed to a corn maze with three of my favorite people in the world.  And sipped on delicious hot apple cider.  

And then picked pumpkins that we’ll carve into jack-o-lanterns and continued to use my selfie stick to capture the moments (best purchase ever, no shame here). 

 And then came home and thought, what better day to go for a run!? So I strapped on my yoga pants and sneakers and headed down to the good old Mystic River in Somerville. I decided to take a new route and found a great, long path right along the water. I feel so happy when I’m near the water, doesn’t matter what kind, even if I have the highway to my left, as long as I have the river to my right, I feel a little more at peace than typical. And then as I continued to run I came along a three story lookout tower that I marched right up, did some sun salutations, looked out onto the Boston skyline that I love so much, felt the sunshine on my face and felt so grateful for the moment that was upon me. Healthy enough to be running again, strong enough to climb flights of stairs and in a good enough place mentally to be able to feel the sunshine on my face, totally alone and realize how lucky I truly am. And okay enough with myself to laugh at how crazy my hair has become. 

Then I picked up some fall essentials to decorate our front steps, because honestly a decorated house is a happy house. And a happy house is a happy me. 

Now I’m sitting in my Brady jersey & sweat pants, with pulled pork on the oven (thanks to the best boyfriend in America), and a good old O’Doules in hand with my snuggley guy. 

Fall is a special time of the year in New England. 

Life is good today. 

Remind me of this day in January. 

Lots of love & light,



Jessy’s Most Wanted: Jobs

After watching a few Diners, Drive-ins and Dives, I’ve decided I’d like a fantastic job like Guy Fieri has. So here are my top five dream gigs.

1. Guy Fieri hosting “Triple D”: thought I’d start with the top since its my number one dream job! If you don’t watch this show, START, it’s amazing. Basically what it is, is a chef (Guy) who travels all around the US going to small restaurants that are well known in the area. Each time the featured restaurant has a some sort of specialty item that he tries and every time, my belly grumbles and my mouth starts salivating. With that said, Guy Fieri gets paid to travel the country and eat the best food–now that’s one hell of a job.
2. Ellen Degeneres: she makes cagillions dancing around with celebrities, playing games, hanging out with Rosie and Sophia, and basically makes a lot of people’s dreams come true (let’s face it, that’s got to be the absolute best).
3. Beer tester: found out about this bad ass job during a Budweiser brewery tour and my life’s never been the same. Drink beer + get paid = amazingness.
The Swan Pub
4. Carson Daily hosting the Voice. This is the awesome because he gets all the perks of being on the show without having to be a judge and pick and choose people. Instead of crushing people’s dreams, Carson stands there and roots the contestants on and tells them how great they did.
5. Beyonce. Enough said.

What’s your dream job??