A Hello Travels A Long Way

I’m walking to work on this still kind-of chilly Monday morning and I was feeling sad that the weekend was over. It was such a good one. But then just as I’m beginning my 2 mile trip, an older man sitting beside an open first-floor window wishes me a “good morning.” This has happened before and each time it does, it completely changes my mood and genuinely makes me so happy! I’m not sure how long he sits there wishing all the walker-bys a good day but for such a simple gesture, it does such good for my soul. 
In general, walking compared to driving, always makes me calmer and there are a lot of reasons why but one of them is the human interaction. So often in cars, we forget that there’s a human in that machine that’s cutting us off. Conversely, you don’t forget a humans a human when their physical body passes by. Typically, you tend to be more compassionate and understanding of whatever it is they may be doing. 
So on this Monday morning, I’m reminding myself and all of you, to be kind to people– kindness doesn’t have to be grand gestures or gifts- it can be a small smile or gentle hello. Make a difference in someone else’s day. The whole world would probably be a little better off and definitely a little happier if everyone remembered to act like the older man in the window this morning.
Have a wonderful week!

Lots of love & light,



6 thoughts on “A Hello Travels A Long Way

  1. Jess, you are a beautiful warrior! Keep on fighting the good fight.
    Having had a stem cell transplant 5 years ago at Dana Farber, I am cancer free and so happy. I wish you to be cancer free forever!
    Linda Hull
    Florida/ Maine

    • Thank you Linda! I am so happy to hear your 5 years with cancer to your back. So blessed to have been treated at Dana/ I truly believe it’s the best cancer treatment center in the world! Sending lots of love & light!

  2. Agree totally about the human interaction. I was volunteering for a Habitat For Humanity event and just monitoring a traffic barricade for the time a 5k race was being run. Cool Sunday morning in Portland, Maine but so reassuring to have so many people say “good morning” and many stop and carry on a conversation.

    • The Smile Cards? No, I don’t sell them, I simply receive them from people or make them myself and bring them to the nurses at the Brigham to distribute to the patients!

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