Stevens Put A Ring On It

It’s been 3 weeks since Mike surprised me and told me to get my lazy butt out of bed—we were going to NYC for the long weekend, he said. My eyes nearly burst out of my head and I whipped off the comforter so fast Phoebs barely had time to jump up. IT WAS ENGAGEMENT WEEKEND, I THOUGHT. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. So I started frantically running around the upstairs like a kid who was just told they’re going to Disney World for the first time and threw the most random assortment of things into my luggage—a bathing suit? Yes. A pair of pajamas? No. Everything I own that’s white? Hell yah.

And just like that, we were packed and on a train back to NYC. I say back because NYC is where we pretty much fell in love. Our first date was exploring the city at Christmas time with our main goal of seeing the Rockefellar Tree at night. We had started the day as really good friends (with a little bit more than friends feelings) and ended our day with sweet smooches and (literal) hair-on-fire love! From that night on, we had continued to go to NYC for summer visits and Christmas time “anniversary” visits where we’d see the Rockette’s and guzzle delicious beers at the oldest bar in Amerca, McSorley’s. Everytime we went, we had a magical time. But once I got diagnosed, we didn’t go. It felt like too much to go all the way there – I felt like I would be annoyed that I couldn’t go to my favorite bar—how if I got car sick on the long ride? It just didn’t work in that 2 year period. And that’s okay, because that’s what made this weekend even more incredibly special. WE WERE BACK!!!!!!! And we were back stronger and more in love than ever.


When our cab dropped us off at the Waldorf Astoria, I felt like I was dreaming—are we really staying here? Oh boy, now I really know something fancy is going on. But it didn’t come quite yet – we walked around the Park then got some lunch and grabbed a drink downstairs at the hotel bar as we listened to a beautiful pianist. Then it was time for dinner at Gotham. Before our taxi driver could take us there, however, Michael had him take us to Rockefellar. Just the place we had been in search of the first time. Except this time, instead of awkwardly looking at each other because we weren’t sure if we should kiss—he knelt down on his knee and asked me to be his wife—he promised that we would come back to NYC, together, forever and ever and ever. And I, of course, said yes. And then we shared one of many kisses in the Rockefellar Center.


With that, I obnoxiously began calling my family and best friends as well as notifying anybody in an ear-short distance of our engagement and the most beautiful ring that was now on my finger. The weekend was perfect – it was just our weekend – in our favorite city. Just the two of us – just how we began – and just how we’ll end one day.


I can’t put into words how grateful I feel that Michael fell in love with me—that we fell in love with each other—that I have someone who is so caring of others, so smart, so handsome and so funny. I am so thankful for the kind of man he is and how hard he works and how much he gives of himself so that our little family can be happy.


My heart is beyond full as we start this next chapter of our lives, together—I feel like it’s really time to leave the past behind and begin planning for the future—a future that is filled with love, happiness and butterflies.


Lots of love & light,



14 thoughts on “Stevens Put A Ring On It

  1. I enjoy reading your blog so much. It is always uplifting. So happy that you are healthy and that you have found your prince and are living happily ever after. Love you Jess.

    • I’m just seeing this and have just seen you. What a mini blessing to run into you. I wish it was on better circumstances, but it felt so great to get to chat! It was really special and I’ll keep your friend in my thoughts and prayers. As I mentioned, if there’s anything I can do to help, please let me know. I’m happy to do so!!! Lots of love!!!

  2. This is so beautiful and touching and the first thing I read today, a day, that is usually very difficult for me. It was 6 years ago today, the Love of my Life Passed and for the first time, I feel totally at Peace. It took me all of this time, to accept that Life is for the Living and I am so happy that I am here to see you and Mike start this wonderful journey together. Love you both! Gram

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    • Oh Gram, you are so incredible. And the love you and Grampa shared was/is amazing. If Mike and I could be half the couple you were we’ll be very very lucky!

  3. Jess and Mike, CONGRATULATIONS!!! So happy for the both of you. What a blessing and a gift it is to have found your soul mate, your best friend!! The person who has and will continue to make your dreams come true.
    Our wish for the both of you as you journey together towards marriage is that you continue to embrace the day to its fullest, follow each others dreams together, be patient and kind to each other.
    No two people deserve to have all their dreams come true. God bless you both.
    Happy Wedding planning….Love, The Schrader’s

  4. I’ve never even met you I just follow your blog but just wanted to give you a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS! How amazing! You deserve it! Power couple!

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