So Many Smiles

Over 350 Smile Cards are on route to the Brigham!!!! I have received letters from so many people wanting to help in this small initiative and it makes my heart so full. Keep them coming; there are always patients that need a little pick-me-up! 

Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who has helped me with this. You truly are making a difference.
Lots of love & light,



3 thoughts on “So Many Smiles

  1. Jessica, You have paid if forward for sure!!! With all you went through the past 2 years, you still found time to think of others. That is just amazing and selfless!!
    Look what you started and continue!! I have always believed and told Holly and Allison, if “we could just make a difference in our corner of the world” just think how much better life would be.
    You my friend, have made a difference Jessica.
    You know you were blessed to receive all you cards etc while you were healing, and there are many patients who have no one….a what a wonderful gift a card is.
    I am so proud of you.
    Love, Connie

  2. I used to work with your aunt Eileen and have followed your blog since your journey started. You’ve been very inspirational. My son went to duke university for a stem cell transplant in 1999. Didn’t make it. In 2000 duke started the rainbow of heroes walk to raise money for the pediatric bone marrow transplant unit ~ this year I’ve borrowed your idea to make smile cards. My mom daughter and I sat down and made 24 of them today to send with our monetary donation. Thank you so much for all of your strength and kind words through your journey. Your an amazing woman.

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