It’s the Little Things

I think we’re all guilty of taking little things in life for granted. And having our senses is one of them. The gift of sound is so magical and so important in this life. It gives you a means to communicate, to be connected with what’s around you but may not be able to see. It gives you music which (in my mind) can give you so much- songs can help put you in a better mood, get a good cry out, dance around and be silly, or give you strength when you’re feeling down. 

I’ve watched multiple people in my family deal with hearing losses and it’s so unfair and difficult. I hope that as technology continues to pave the way for the future that this type of device can be made available for all individuals who struggle with hearing abnormalities. 

I hope this video puts a smile on your face and reminds you to be grateful for the little things. Be grateful for all you’ve been given. 

Happy Saturday everyone and an even bigger happy 21st birthday to my baby brother JJ. It kills me that I can’t throw em back with you tonight but I know that day will come! So tonight I’ll be the big sister supervisor instead. I’m so proud of the little man you’ve become– now go out and have some fun, LEGALLY! I love you! 

Lots of love & light,