Two years ago today, I crossed off the final mark on my “days down” whiteboard. I had started it during my first stint at the hospital after being diagnosed as I wanted to remind myself of the number of days I had been “locked up.” Then with a little Irish luck on my side, my counts crossed over the mark we were waiting for and I was released from the Brigham on St. Patrick’s Day 2014. Mike drove me home with my parents behind us and we celebrated with a pizza and salad from Reginas Pizzeria- my absolute favorite. I remember walking in that door with Mike, having left my house the morning of Februrary 20th just a normal day at work and hadn’t been back since. I was home. I didn’t cry when I walked in, I simply smiled. I felt so much pure joy to be in my house again. As Mike had stayed with me every night in the hospital, he too had not laid on our bed for almost a month. So we did. We jumped in our bed and just laid there together, so thankful that we were home. So grateful that God had granted me a second chance and that I was able to lay there beside him. We cuddled, and took in the moment before my parents came in with pizza. It was a moment I will never, ever forget. 

Today, I have 12 days left to go until I cross off my final “day” as a leukemia patient in active treatment. Two weeks from today, I will no longer be an “active” patient. My treatment plan will be over and I’ll be a patient in remission that has to go to the Dana for check-ups every 6 weeks- that’s it. And that’s incredible. 

I can’t believe it. I’ve decided I’m never erasing the top part of this board- it means too much. It brings back a lot of memories and it reminds me that as long and hard as the race looks originally, with a little resilience and a lot of faith, you can get thru just about anything.

#neuktheluke final campaign has officially begun. 

Lots of love & light,