It’s Jimmy Fund Walk Time

In three weeks, on September 24th, I’ll be walking a 10K to participate in the Boston Marathon Jimmy Fund Walk to raise funds for Dana-Farber. Since this isn’t a Facebook message where I’m talking to a bunch of people I’m not really friends with, I don’t think I need to explain how much that organization means to me. You know my story because so many of you have been here from the beginning, reading each post and sending your kind thoughts and well-wishes. So instead of telling you again why it means so much to me that you donate to Dana-Farber, I thought I’d share with you someone else’s story… someone else’s story that showcases the importance of the work this Institute is doing.

I had gotten this idea to tell someone else’s story yesterday and thought I’d go searching for a ‘compelling story’ tonight. But then I opened my inbox a few minutes ago and I see an email from the Jimmy Fund team with this little guy’s face in it. His name is Asher, he’s from Salem, NH and he too was diagnosed with the same form of cancer I had… acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I couldn’t find out how old he was when he was diagnosed, or how long he went through treatment for. All I know is that this little boy had to endure pain, mental and physical, far beyond his years; that he had to deal with something that no child should ever ever have to deal with.
Screen Shot 2017-09-05 at 8.28.04 PM

And that’s all I think any of us should have to know about Asher or any of the nearly 16,000 children that will get diagnosed with cancer this year in the U.S. They deserve to have a normal childhood that’s filled with super-heroes and birthday parties and bike rides and dance parties — not that’s filled with chemotherapy, and nausea, and headaches and spinal taps.
This year, I ask that you give, whatever you can give, to kids like Asher who have been dealt this horrific hand. Your gift directly fuels the research that will one day find a cure for a cancer, so that one day there won’t be a child in the world that knows their doctors and nurses better than their teachers and coaches. Thank you for giving and thank you for supporting the fight against cancer.
Love, light & gratitude,

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