First of the “lasts”

Today was a big day for me. 

Today, Januart 20 2016, I sat with Mike at the hospital for about 7 hours 

Today I got a spinal tap. But this spinal tap was different, I still had Beyonce blaring and my healing stones in hand, but this spinal tap was my LAST one. This one is a check mark off my treatment list. 

This video are some moments from today. I want to begin recording things more as we go to the end, I gotta remember everything! This is a weird time in my life but it’s a special time and I never want to forget it!

Thanks for all the positive prayers and vibes going into today. I’ll get results in s few days. 🙏🏼

Lots of love & light,



2 thoughts on “First of the “lasts”

  1. Jess…prayers and strength coming your way….Just know that you will get good results from the tap:-) The mountain you have been climbing/marathon that you have been running, is OVER!! FINALLLY!!! You are good, your Dana Farber Family will continue to be by your side and make sure that it stays that way…Blessings…..Connie

    • Almost over!!!! Feb 10th I get my final CT scan, March 9th I get my final bone marrow biopsy and then March 16th will be my last day of chemo! Oh my goshhh I can’t believe it’s almost here. Very surreal!!!! Thanks for all your love and support along the way Connie, I can’t tell you how much strength the love I’ve felt from others has helped me. Xoxox

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