Super Easy DIY Project

On Sunday’s, after a delicious bloody mary, there’s not much I like more than lounging and doing some arts and crafts or ‘around-the-house’ projects.  Yesterday, I made a fancy schmancy dry erase board for the kitchen. Here are the easy steps:

–          Buy or recycle a medium size frame that matches the décor in your home


–          Replace parchment with a solid background. I used burlap paper to give it a rustic, new country feel


–          Find yourself some dry erase markers and you’ve just finished the D-I-Y


It’s that simple! Took about 3 minutes and it looks great on the wall and it can be used for so many different things! Grocery lists, dinner menus, to-do lists, weekly schedules, inspirational quotes, or even love notes (that’s my favorite!)


-Ta ta for now love bugs!


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